Taking Care of Your High Heels

So, you finally get your dream high heels and then… you’ve damaged them already?  I bet you wish you’d taken more care…?

Here are some tips to maintain the quality of your sexy shoes:

1. Use Heel Stoppers


Source: Ebay

Heel stoppers are soft tubes that protect the heels from scratches and wet surfaces. Aside from that, they stabilise your balance when walking on uneven surfaces.


2. Never Drive in Heels


Source: Pinterest

Driving in heels can be dangerous. According to Gareth Kloet, wearing heels can cause the driver to lose control of the car: the pressure of stepping on the pedals could also break your heels.

Don’t risk your safety for fashion! Wear flats or trainers when driving.


3. Keep them Moisture Free

Moisture can dry out and crack leather; the growth of bacteria on your heels will increase if they are damp.

Put newspaper inside your shoes when you are not wearing them to help absorb any moisture.


4. Don’t wear the same Shoes all the time


Source: bestshoes2016

Give your shoes some time to rest and breathe; wearing the same pair everyday will wear them out.


5. Eliminate Odour

Normally, odour develops when you are not wearing socks or if you have a fungal infection.

Eliminate the odour in your shoes using any of these household products: corn flour, baking soda or essential oils (do not apply oil on any fabric).


6. Remove Stains Properly


Source: leatherdoctor

Remove watermarks and other stains by using white chalk powder. Apply the chalk over the stained area then set aside for about 5 to 10 minutes; allow the shoe to absorb the chalk powder.

Some stains are a lot harder to remove. The use of fine sandpaper may be necessary – but remember that if you wipe the stain too vigorously, the colour of your shoes could fade. You may also consider asking the manufacturer for guidance.


General wear and tear is inevitable but if you look after your sexy shoes, your sexy shoes will look after you!!


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