A girl’s shoe guide to Parties

A girl's shoe guide to parties

Life is a one big party – enjoy it while it lasts! Invest wisely in your clothing, especially your shoes. As Coco Chanel said, “A woman with good shoes is never ugly.”

Don’t ruin the evening with the wrong pair of shoes; here are some tips to choosing the right shoes for the event:

  1. Formal Events

    At formal events like black tie parties, female guests are expected to wear long evening gowns or formal cocktail dresses. Whether your feet can be seen or not, you should still consider the shoes you are wearing.

    Tip: Your shoes should complement your outfit. Match an elaborated, detailed outfit with an understated pair of shoes or vice versa. You can’t go far wrong with black or silver evening shoes.


  1. Semiformal Events

    Female guests can wear short afternoon dresses or cocktail dresses at these events.

    Go for high heels with low soles. You can also wear open-toe shoes but make sure that you are pedicured. Choose a shoe colour that matches your attire. If you are wearing a plain outfit, try wearing funky shoes to add interest to the overall look.


  1. Celebrations

    Ordinarily celebrations follow a certain theme.

    Dazzling high heeled pumps or open sandals can be used for these events. You can also pair your outfit with wedges. You might also want to consider the theme of the party. If it is a retro themed event, check out the quirky shoes from Lola Ramona. Flat shoes are also recommended!


  1. Corporate Parties

    Women who attend business events usually wear the typical business attire.

    Combine your outfit with elegant pumps, boots or wedges. Match the colour of your shoes with your outfit. Make sure your shoes don’t compete with your outfit.


  1. Casual Events

    For casual events, women can wear their most laid-back outfits.

    Elevate your go-to-pair of pants with a pair of ankle boots. You can also wear your kitten heels, wedges or stiletto heels to add spice to your outfit.


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