Shoe 101: The Chic Shoe Rules

Selecting your shoes is a serious matter and you should take your time over it. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right shoes for you:

1.   What Kind of Shoes are you looking for?


There is no specific style that is perfect for all occasions. Choose your footwear based on the events you will attend.

Neutral colours like black, silver and gold are great for formal events. High heels with low soles or open toes can be worn to semiformal events. For festive events you can wear high-heeled pumps or open sandals, depending on the theme of the party. Pumps, boots or wedges are recommended for casual business attire, while a pair of ankle boots, kitten heels or wedges can be worn for low key events.

When in doubt or if you are in a hurry, choose a classic black pump from the Lola Ramona Spring Collection.

2.   Choose Comfort


  LUCY 405007-96


“Good shoes will take you to good places.” Wear shoes that are comfortable; if you are in love with a pair of killer heels but you can’t walk comfortably in them, don’ buy them. Limping around is not a good look. Don’t jeopardise your enjoyment at any event for the sake of uncomfortable footwear.

3.   Wear Bright

Pastel Angie

 ANGIE 403016-91 -VEGAN


Pick shoes that will make you stand out. Go for bright shoes if you are wearing a neutral top paired with jeans. Try coloured shoes with white, khaki and pastel colours; just make sure your shoes complement your outfit.

4.   Choose the Attention Grabber

AngieANGIE 413002-80



BETTY 412003-80


Simple high-heeled shoes are good for over-the-top dresses but if your look is low-key, a stand out shoe adds drama.

Lola Ramona’s sexy shoes, Angie and Betty are recommended for neutral outfits; the gold colour coupled with the ribbon feature will ensure that you are dressed to impress.

5.   Be Careful Where you wear those Stilettos


 KETTY 402914-2 – CANVAS


If you want to wear high heels for outdoor events, wedges are the ideal option. Avoid wearing stilettos as you might find it particularly difficult to strut your stuff if you are fighting the turf!

6.   Wear Flats with Tailored Outfits


RINNA 411001-90


Ballet flats are best paired with properly hemmed clothes. Trousers should fall at or just above the ankle, while skirts or dresses should sit above the knee.

Whoever said that looks aren’t everything was lying… express your inner goddess with Lola Ramona!


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