Lola Ramona’s Fashion Colours; the Spring 2016 Collection

Spring has sprung and what better way to celebrate than with a full complement of colours and styles to enjoy the hotter and brighter days ahead; the sun has definitely got his hat on hip, hip, hip, hooray!

So, put your sunglasses on and brace yourselves for the Lola Ramona Spring 2016 collection:

1. Buttercup


ANGIE P 412226-71


Buttercup is a colour that celebrates life and vitality.  Lola Ramona’s Angie shoes are available in buttercup, finished with a fiesta (another Spring colour!) polka dot design. I can feel the sun on my face already!


2. Fiesta


ANGIE P 412211-4


Fiesta 2

RINNA 411014-1


Pantone 17-1564 fiesta is a strong blazing shade which perfectly contrasts with this season’s soft and calming palette.  Knock ‘em dead!

Lola Ramona shoes in fiesta are available in a variety of designs – chunky heels and ballet flats.

3. Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee - Copy

ELSIE 401638-18 – VEGAN


Iced Coffee 2

ANGIE P 412217-99


Pantone 15-1040 iced coffee injects the sophistication into our kitten and chunky heels. Both styles are finished with black accents giving them edgy appeal.

4. Snorkel Blue

Snorkel Blue

ANGIE 403010-35


A slight twist on the regular navy, snorkel blue is a softer shade of this popular colour. Although it is striking, it still implies relaxation and calm.

Lola Ramona’s cone heels in snorkel blue are finished perfectly with an ankle strap – wider at the sole of the foot and narrower at the base, the heel is shaped like a cone. The shoe is complemented with white polka dots and a snorkel blue ribbon.

5. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

ANGIE 413028-91


For all you girly girls, Pantone 13-1520 rose will add a big dollop of femininity to any outfit.

Complemented with a yellow-gold lining, the front of the shoe is predominantly white, while the sole has a combination of rose quartz polka dots and a white base with a yellow-gold lining.  The cherry on the cake, a strategically placed bow adorns the ankle strap.

6. Lilac Grey

Lilac Grey

CECILIA 412815-20


Another neutral yet edgy colour is Pantone 16-3905 lilac grey. This Lola Ramona shoe has a red accent at the back of the heel and sole; these shoes were definitely made for walking!

7. Fiesta, Peach Echo, Buttercup, Snorkel Blue

Fiesta, Peach Echo, Buttercap, Snorkel Blue 2

STILETTO 411930-90


Fiesta, Peach Echo, Buttercap, Snorkel Blue,

YVONNE 411503-90


Fiesta, Peach Echo, Buttercap, Snorkel Blue 4

ELSIE 411606-90


Fiesta, Peach Echo, Buttercap, Snorkel Blue 3

KITTEN 411304-90


Every day is a sunny day with Lola Ramona. Bringing together the Spring 2016 colours and innovating their shoes with a splendid variety of designs fiesta, buttercup, snorkel blue and peach echo have been combined to create these ‘top of the bill’ showstoppers… they’ll definitely see you coming in a pair of these!

Lola Ramona sexy shoes have  been designed with fun girls everywhere in mind. You are never fully dressed without Lola Ramona!


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