10 Bizarre Facts about Shoes That Will Blow Your Mind

As an enthusiast of funky shoes, have you ever wondered about the story behind each style? We have gathered together ten shoe facts that will surely blow your mind… they might even make you want to go shopping for more!


1.   Heels are for Men

Sexy Shoes for Men

(Source: http://mensheels.tumblr.com/page/14)

 In the 10th century, men who rode horses were the first to utilise heels on their boots and shoes. The heels helped the horseback-riding men to stay in their stirrups. During that period, horses were a sign of wealth, thus men in heels were considered as aristocrats.


2.   Sneaking Around with Sneakers

Sneaking Around with Sneakers

During the late 1800s, people in America called sneakers, “sneakers” because of the rubber soles that allowed people to walk or “sneak” around without making any noise.


3.   The Most Expensive Shoes

Cool Shoes from The Wizard of Oz

The ruby red slippers worn by Dorothy on “The Wizard of Oz” were sold at auction in 2002 for $660,000. Today, they are still considered to be the most expensive shoes in the world.


4.   The First Pair of Left and Right Shoes

Left and Right Shoes

(Source: http://shannonsbooknook.com/?p=2383)

In the 18th century, shoes started to take on their own distinctions. The first pair of shoes with a left and right foot was made in Philadelphia.


5.   Shoe Addiction

Funky Shoes Addiction

Your addiction to buying shoes can be justified by science, so don’t worry if you think you are spending a lot of money on shoes.


6.   Fit for a Queen

Fit for a Queen

The first pair of lady’s boots was especially made for Her Royal Highness, Queen Victoria, in 1840.


7.   All Because of Bathing Suits

All Because of Bathing Suit

The first pair of open toe shoes was introduced in parallel with the birth of bathing suits in the 1930s.


8.   Take Your Shoes Off
Take Your Shoes Off

In Japan, if you are invited by someone to enter their house, no matter how fancy or expensive your shoes, you are expected to leave them outside. Guests can only wear slippers called uwabaki, which are borrowed from the house owners.


9.   Good Experiment

Good Experiment

In 1940, Italy experienced a trade closure in the steel manufacturing industry. As steel was no longer available shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo experimented with new materials, particularly cork and he created the first wedge shoe.


10.The World’s Largest Shoes
World's Largest Shoes

The Philippines is the home of the world’s largest shoes, which are 17 feet long and 8 feet wide. Each shoe can fit 30 people inside.



These fascinating facts are enough to make us love shoes even more. Indeed, shoes never fail to amaze every one of us and it’s true, you can never have too many shoes!


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