3 Shoe Styles That Every Woman Should Have in Their Closet

Shoes are one of the most important elements of every woman’s outfit. Your shoes define your mood, personality and attitude. There are a lot of sexy shoes available on the market but the classics are essential to every girl’s wardrobe.

Ladies, here are the top 3 shoe styles that you must include in your wardrobe, including recommendations from Lola Ramona:

As one of the most classic styles, pumps suit any occasion. You can go from casual to formal with just one pair of pumps. They lengthen and emphasise the shape of a feminine calf. Pumps denote an unstoppable woman that knows what she wants and how to get it.

Lola Recommends:
Marilyn 412102-2



We know how tiring it is to wear high heels all day which is why we created Marilyn 412102-2. Now, you can enjoy wearing high heels in comfort without compromising on design, quality or sex appeal.

Comfortable and classic, flats are easy to wear and very light which makes them perfect for the long day ahead.

Lola Recommends:
Rinna 411025-18



For added comfort, we have included extra soft foam in the foot-bed. These shoes are made for walking…!

For an elegant and clean look, the boot remains a timeless style.

Lola Recommends:
Elsa 413712-22


Your keynote to true edge is Lola Ramona’s Elsa 413712-22. The heels are not too high so you can still feel comfortable in them all day.


You can never have too many shoes, Ladies! For more shoe style ideas, visit Lola Ramona’s website.



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